The most commonly used illegal drugs

By: Diana Velázquez

  • Cannabis:

Cannabis is the drug most consumed in Spain, according to the Ministry of Health, 9.6% of the Spanish population consumed it at some point. Cannabis is an illegal drug probably with less criticism in society, since in some medical branches they see cannabis as a substance with benefits in some treatments, which is still a discussion that has not allowed it to be legalized. Its most known derivatives are marijuana and hashish.

  • Cocaine:

Cocaine is the substance most known worldwide, is a drug that is extracted from a shrub called enzyme. It is a stimulant drug because it acts on the central nervous system by activating it.

  • Ecstasy:

These pills are probably the most consumed drug at an early age in parties. It is usually used before having sex as it heightens your senses. People often feel a sense of mental clarity and self awareness. Physical touch by others becomes pleasurable.

  • Amphetamines:

Amphetamines, amphiphiles and speed are one of the three most common names for one of the oldest known drugs of synthesis. This is the insomnia drug. It is consumed associated with alcohol and especially in parties and weekends. There are many deaths per year.

  • Hallucinogens:

Hallucinogenic substances are many, although their consumption is minimal when compared with all previous ones. If we have to choose one because of its social effect, ayahuasca is a good example since it is considered by the Security Forces to be the drug of rape. It is also used in environments such as the homosexual.

  • Magic Mushrooms:

Their active doses vary depending on whether they are given dry or fresh. The fresh ones contain 90% of water; Hence about 10gr. Have the same power as an amount of 0.5-1.5 gr. Of dried mushrooms. Most are consumed dehydrated. However, the concentration of active substances depends on the variety of psilocybin.

  • Ketamine:

Ketamine plants the battle between teenagers and cocaine, along with magic mushrooms and spice, among the drugs most consumed by adolescents in society. It is a dissociative drug with hallucinogenic effects used as an anesthetic and analgesic in veterinary medicine. If a high amount of ketamine is ingested, the person can lose control of his body.

  • Heroin:

Most common drug that is used worldwide is Heroin. Heroin is made from the extracts of the plant opium poppy. Heroin is taken through an injection and it directly enters the blood stream. This drug was created to help cure people of morphine addiction but it soon turned out that this drug mimics the action of morphine in the brain.

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